Bulk Candy

Our bulk candy selection is what a candy lover’s dreams are made of! In our flagship candy store on Fore Street in Portland, Maine, you’ll find row after row of any candy you can think of, ready to scoop and bring home!

For all of our gummi fans, we carry tons of sweet, sour, and fun options to mix and match! Try some fun gummi penguins, sharks, and lobsters, or stick with the classics like Sour Patch Kids, gummi worms, or sour watermelons. Feeling extra silly and adventurous? Add a few gummi chicken feet, frogs, or fried eggs to your bag! We have all of your favorites from Albanese, Trolli, Jelly Belly, Haribo, Black Forest and more!

Other bulk candy items we carry include hard candies, delicious licorice, a huge selection of Jelly Belly Beans, and bulk chocolates. With our build-your-own bulk bags, you can hone in on exactly what you love the most to buy and take home! Our most popular bulk candy items include Jelly Belly Jelly Beans and licorice.
Chocolate always makes a great gift! We always carry an assortment of pre-made gifts, or you can customize a chocolate gift box your loved one is sure to enjoy.