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Welcome to Old Port Candy!

My name is Anna and I opened Old Port Candy Co. in 2002. I am married and have two little kiddos well on their way to becoming professional taste testers. We are located in the center of Portland’s Old Port shopping district.

I have always loved candy. I still do. We just started our 13th year in business and are thrilled to be going strong. We have the best customers and carry great products. Our staff is super friendly and knowledgeable and always ready with fudge samples.

I make all our fudge in the store and we usually have at least a dozen, if not more, flavors to choose from at any given time. Over the years I have made over 100 different flavors including Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Penuchi to some wilder flavors that incorporated everything from Cayenne & Wine to Sea Salt & Bacon.

We carry a huge selection of bulk candies that customer can scoop themselves, as well as a wall of nostalgia candy. We often hear “I haven’t seen that in years” or “I haven’t had that since I was a kid”…it’s nice to bring folks back to their childhood memories.

We have a great licorice selection, which I have found is the trickiest category to carry. My “licorice people” know exactly what they want and we make sure we stock the best sellers as well as try to keep up with new licorice trends as well as import the old favorites.

We also stock a wide variety of gourmet chocolates in our chocolate case. We carry many treats made by local chocolate companies, including Sea Salt Caramels, Needhams (a traditional Maine coconut candy…think Mounds Bar), Turtles, Buttercrunch… And we carry some chocolates “from away” that are certainly customer favorites including toffee-covered chocolate pretzels, giant peanut butter cups, spicy cashew bark… We love mixing up our case with new treats all the time!

We are always excited for each new season at Old Port Candy. We spend the winter making awesome velvet heart boxes filled with chocolates for Valentine’s Day.  We make sure to have the widest selection of chocolate bunnies for Easter; Milk, Dark, White, Hollow, Solid, Nut Free, Small, Large, Foil-wrapped… We stock the chocolate case for Mother’s Day and graduation and we spend all summer packaging wedding favors, gummi lobsters and Maine Chocolate Covered Blueberries…not to mention the Salt Water Taffy which you can buy-by-the flavor all summer long. Fall brings our award-winning Pumpkin Pie Fudge and that takes us right into the Holiday Season where we turn into elves and fill fudge and candy boxes and ship worldwide.