Keeping Portland Sweet Since 2002!


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Old Port Candy is a small, family-owned candy shop located in the heart of The Old Port in Portland, Maine.   We first opened our doors in February of 2002, and we’ve been doing our part to keep Portland sweet ever since!

Candy is fun!  Whether you’ve only been a kid for a couple of years or have a few decades under your belt, we know you have a favorite candy or “two.”   We work hard to find old favorites and new novelties fresh for discovery, rediscovery, and sharing from one generation of kids to another.

Our fresh fudge is made on-site.   We always have a good stash of classics such as All Chocolate, Chocolate Walnut, Peanut Butter, and Maple, plus dozens of other fun flavors and seasonal favorites.   Dreaming up new fudge recipes is one of our favorite jobs (we have over 100 and counting!).   Visit the shop to taste a sample or two…and maybe even share your own flavor idea!

Come visit us!